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A-P Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru -JBMV-Procedings rc no 2389

           A.P Government has released R.C No 2389 for Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru activities.So the complete details of Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru -JBMV- Proceedings is given below.

Main points of R-C-No-2389 about Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru

  1. All the Project Officers of SSA and the District Educational Officers in the State will observe 2nd June as Nava Nirmana Deeksha Day and Badi Pilustondi.
  2. under Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) programme from 03.06.2015 to 07.06.2015 in all the habitations in the State in a massive way involving public representatives,community, Stakeholder Departments.
  3. Badi Pilustondi, is one of the five campaigns taken up by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru programme.
  4. The Sectoral Officers, MEOs,C'RPs. to work in convergence with the Public representatives, Govt, functionaries/ Representatives of Community Based Organizations /Municipality/Gram Panchayat level & JBMV teams that are formed in order to collect data in respect of '"drop out" and "never enrolled children" from the Gram Panchayat/Mandal/Municipalily wards.

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