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A.P school education and RJD new programs - Chiti Chetulu-Chakkani Rathalu - Master Meemu Neruchukuntam - TRISULA VIEWHAM - guidelines

A.P school education and RJD new programs - Chiti Chetulu-Chakkani Rathalu - Master Meemu Neruchukuntam - TRISULA VIEWHAM - guidelines
For improvement of 100% Quality Education in the students of I Class to X Class for the academic year 2018-19, The Govt. of A.P introduced 3 programs. The programs are designed into three as
(1) Programme for 1st to 5th Gasses — Chiti Chetulu-Chakkani Rathalu
(2) Programmes for 6th class to 9th class- Master- Meemu Neruchukuntam and
(3) Programme for 10th class students- TRISULA VIEWHAM.

Chiti Chetulu-Chakkani RathaluPrimary Classes (1-5 Classes)

1. All the MEOs,Complex HMs,Headmasters,CRPs should adopt schools in their mandal.
2. All the MEOs, Complex HMs, Headmasters, CRPs should visit the adopted schools twice in a month. In First Week, Educate the Children about need of listening, speeking, reading, writing (LSRW) and in the last week, conduct oral tests in Telugu, English, Hindi,Maths.
3. Submit the report every month to the constituency level observers.
4. The Programme will be applicable for Primary level children (From I class to V class) only.
5. Obser ve the improvement in the children every month and record it.
6. Identify the children showing best performances and encourage them by apprising the students in the school assembly, village level functions, mandal level functions, etc.,.

Master- Meemu Neruchukuntam
(6th class to 9th class)

1. Headmasters with the help of teachers categorized the children of VI Class to IX Class into groups.
2. Teachers for interactive teaching should follow the 10 points issued by the Regional Joint Director of School Education, Kakinada for the easy way of teaching Methodologies to achieve — Academic Standards.
3. Every day after completion of the lesson by the teacher, make students to write Dally notes on their own as Homework for all the subjectsin the students note books by reading the text book.
4. Guidance to be given for Students in doing Project works in a innovative method on their own. They should not be copied from other students, should not be downloaded from net. No teacher should help in doing project works. Presentation of the project work by the student in the class room should be encouraged by the teachers.
5. Create awareness to the students about the future. Make the students to set their future GOAL and explain the need and how to reach the GOAL The Headmaster and teachers should guide the children on the awareness of the need for Higher Education.
6. Headmaster should try to bring highly qualified / eminent local persons as a guest for the Career guidance to the children. Even the parents can also be invited for the career guidance programme.
7. After the Career guidance, collect the information from the children in the proforma given by the RJDSE, Kakinada. All the papers must be bounded as a book and review the information with the teachers in the staff meeting so that the teachers can modify their teachings as per the expectation of the children. Make every student to read at least four books from Telugu, Hindi and English. Give time for 10 days and make the student to present in the class about review on the book which the student liked most.

(For 10th class)

1. To achieve 100% pass result in the coming S S C Public Examinations,March 2019,Headmasters with the help of teachers must categories the children of X class into three groups which should not be known to the children.
2. GPA 10 / 10 Students as Group-1, Guarantee Pass students as Group-2 and compulsory to be passed as Group-3 students.
3. Group-1 Children who can achieve GPA 10 / 10 should be given extra coaching to improve subject in depth.
4. Group-2 Children who can pass should be given better coaching to reach GPA 10 / 10 in the
5. Headmaster coming^S C Public and Teachers Examinations must ,adopt Marchthe 2019 Group . -3 students to improve their GPAinthe coming S S C Public Examinations, March 2019.
6. Headmaster and Teachers are informed to maintain the following table for every test and have a follow up action for reduce the Group-3 students

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