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Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017, Ganitha Mela, Mathematics Day detailed Guidelines, Plan of Action with Rc.No.443

Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017, Ganitha Mela, Mathematics Day  detailed Guidelines, Plan of Action with Rc.No.443

The detailed guidelines and Action Plan of  Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017, The day wise activities and action plan are given below. All the School Complex Headmasters may utilize required budget from School Complex funds to conduct Ganitha Mela at School Complex level by involving all Primary Schools.


Objectives of Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017, Ganitha Mela, Mathematics Day:

  1. To create fear-free Mathematics learning environment in schools.
  2. To make enjoyment among students by participating in the fun with Mathematics.
  3. To know about contributions of Indian and Western Mathematicians.
  4. To identify rural, cultural Mathematics in their surroundings.
  5. To develop innovative pedagogic practices in Mathematics.
  6. To conduct Metric Mela in School Complex by involving School Complex catchment schools.
  7. To conduct Quiz competitions relating to Mathematics.
Complete Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017, Ganitha Mela, Mathematics Day Guidelines with Rc.No.443

Action Plan  of Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017:

On the eve of Ramanujan birthday, "Ganithotsavam" will be conducted in all Primary and High Schools as Ganitha Sapthaham from 22-12-2017 to 28-12-2017 across the State. The Ganitha Sapthaham activity will be conducted for 7 days. Due to Christmas holidays, the Sapthaham activities are designed to work at home by the students and teachers. On 28-12-2017 conduct Ganithotsavam celebration by conducting Quiz and Cultural Activities. The material prepared by the students should display in the school to create a Mathematical environment in the school. Invite local academicians, Mathematicians for the festival.
DOWLOAD R.C NO 443 Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017 PROCEEDINGS

The day wise activities and action plan

Date Activity Resources
22-12-2017 Ganitha Sapthaham inauguration by garland to Srinivasa Ramanujan, Announcement of 7-day activities during School Assembly. Photograph of Srinivasa Ramanujan
23-12-2017 Preparation of Puzzles Charts Collect different Mathematics puzzles from Newspapers, fun with Mathematics books etc.
24-12-2017 Preparation of Riddles Charts (Podupu Kathalu) Collect Mathematics Riddles from your grandparents, parents, neighbours
25-12-2017 Making Mathematical Models Clay, Cardboard, Colour papers, Used materials i.e., CDs, Sketch Pens, Plastic Spoons etc., YouTube.
26-12-2017 Preparation of Mathematics Rhymes and Songs Charts. Collect Mathematics Rhymes / Songs from elders, friends, YouTube
27-12-2017 Prepare a chart of History of Indian or Western Mathematician Newspapers, Magazines
28-12-2017 Celebration of Ganithotsavam, Quiz Competition, Mono Action (Mathematicians), Decorate school to reflect the Mathematical environment, Prize distribution. Philanthropists, Academicians

Download Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017, Ganitha Mela, Mathematics Day Proceedings

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