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TLM at primary level

Dear teachers here I am sharing some activity sheets useful for primary level children and thought provoking  concept to teachers.
Sheet 1

  • Look at below picture there are some letters in telugu language 
  • instruct pupil to fill all the boxes which have "thu" with the color yellow and fill all the boxes which have "baa" with the color brown. That's all
and the final result sheet like below picture
  • From the above activity sheet children can acquire observation skill and so many....
here is an other example like the above sheet
Sheet 2
Before coloring
after coloring
Sheet 3
before coloring
after coloring
Sheet 4

before coloring
after coloring

     Download links of the above sheets are here
 sheet 1 ,sheet 2 ,sheet 3 ,sheet 4 ,sheet 5 ,sheet 6 ,sheet 7 ,sheet 8 ,sheet 9 ,sheet 10 ,
the above activity sheets were prepared our colleague Mr.Sapthagiri, teacher from Denkada mandal, V.Z.M district.
dear friends please send me this type of any material to me at  
admin@teachers9.com or teachers9.com@gmail.com
let us share our ideas with all our friends.

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