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How to know the present owner of a particular property,

How to get E.C (encumbrance certificate) from internet without paying any amount, 

How to know a property document genuine or not, 

complete tutorial with pictures to get E.C (encumbrance certificate).

How to know the property details of a particular document.

                  Now a days property transactions (agriculture lands, plots, sites, etc…) occurs very frequently.So many people including me are confusing about genuineness of sellers document and weather he is the current owner or not? Then automatically we go to nearest mee-seva center and pay some amount to get E.C (Encumbrance Certificate). To get this E.C we must know the document number,survey number,boundaries.
                  Do you know we need not go to any mee-seva center and need not pay any amount.we may get all details of a document in a.p  registrations website.
                  Here I am sharing some information about this how to get this details with pictures.

        click here to go to a.p registration official website
how to get e.c of a property
      then read instructions and click submit button like above picture.

        then we go to another search page like below picture
now in that page we need to select 1)document No. 2)enter document number 3)year of registration and finally 4)registration office.in this we need not enter full name, if we enter starting letters then automatically it displays drop down list then we may select one that yours.At last click submit button.
    then we get some preliminary details of that document like below picture
how to get e.c of a property

In that next page we may verify some details and then click NEXT button which was available at right side
  then it displays a new page like below picture

how to get e.c of a property
in this page we get all documents I.Ds in left side which were registered in that office previously
and next we need to put tick mark against our particular document and link documents i.d s also
and next we need to click submit button which was available at top-left side.Then we get complete
E.C about our property like below picture
how to get e.c of a property
thats all enjoy it.And post your valuable comments.Thank you.
Note.This is for your information only.But if you want the official certificate we need to apply through mee-seva.Both are same the difference is only signature thats all.

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