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Work adjustment of teachers in the State Certain Instructions Issued

Work adjustment of teachers in the State Certain Instructions Issued. As seen from the U-DISE & Child Info, it is reported from different areas in the State that Student enrolment in Government and Zilla Parishad Schools is increasing during the current admissions period. Amma Vodi, Rajanna Badi Bata, allocation of funds for infrastructure improvement in Government Schools, etc. has led to increased student enrolments in Government managed Schools. As on date, district wise status of
net enrolment increase in Government/ZP Schools. Due to changing enrolment trends, there is a need to review the current teacher deployment at school point and redeploy teachers to needy
school on work adjustment basis, depending on enrolment.

Work adjustment of teachers in the State guidelines:

all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are instructed to take action for the deployment of teachers on work adjustment. The following fap regarding work adjustments.
1. Utilize the drill-down reports an https://cse.ap.gov.in/DSE/total Reports and review school wise admissions steam as need and scope for SGT and Sug Teacher deployment
2. Review all the work adjustment based on the enrolments in the Schools.
3. Prepare a list of such surplus with details of enrolment, existing SGT. Subject teachers, surplus and short as per dates indicated below.
4. The Needy list of Schools with descending order of enrolment, subject, etc. must be displayed online prior to taking up counseling.
5. Review the work adjustment of individual teacher issued during 2018-19 and on 1.8.2019 and arrive at school wise 2019-20 along with the current need in the School where work adjustment was given and adjust the teacher in the neediest school.
6. If any teacher (SGT/SA) are found surplus, place the teacher in the needy School as per enrolment (2019-20).
7. If the cadre strength in the school is as per enrolment, then there is no need to disturb the existing teacher from that school
8. Where adequate School Assistants are not available, surplus SGT with related methodology may be deployed to a needy school.
9. Preference must be given for deploying School Assislanis to needy high Schools with enrolment when compared to Upper Primary School. If required surplus SGTs may be posted to needy Upper Primary Schools.
10.SGT or SA is District Cadre. While work adjustment of teachers may within Mandal /Division or nearby Mandal Division, as far as possible. where done File No.ESE02-13/15/2019-EST 3-CSE there are no adequate SGTS or Subject Teachers within the MandalDivision, they may be deployed on work adjustment basis from other Mandals/Divisions.
11. Junior most teacher in the cadre should be deputed on work adjustment. If the Senior is willing to go, then he/she may be given preference.
12. Counseling for work adjustment in needy schools shall be taken up based on Service Seniority for teachers found to the surplus in any School.
13. All effort must be done to ensure the deployment of teachers on work adjustment. to all needy Schools.
14. The neediest vacancies in such schools should be put up for counseling of teachers for work adjustment or for the posting of DSC 2018 candidates done, where it is found that there are still needy
15. After the whole exercise schools and vacant posts, proposals may be submitted for the hiring of Academic
Instructors, with appropriate justification. The district-wise proposals so received will be further examined in CSE and if found justified, will be taken up with Government for Finance approval and the necessary action.
16. If any deputation work adjustment is done other than need basis will be viewed seriously pote and further necessary action is taken
17. Schedule dates given below may accordingly
Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to follow instructions strictly without any deviation and complete the exercise immediately.
Work adjustment of teachers guidelines

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