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School uniforms latest proceedings

Present: V.China Veerabhadrudu, I.A.S.,
Rc.No.SSA/9/2019-MIS SEC-SSA
Date: -06-2019
Sub:- PSSA- Amaravati APCO - Supply of 3 pairs of school uniforms -Poor Progress- Cessation of stitching by APCO stitching work - assigned to schools...
Ref:- 1. State Project Director, APSSA, Amaravati
Proc.Rc.No.SSA/9/2019-MIS SEC-SSA, Dt:08.03.2019.
2. Instructions issued in the review meeting held by Government on 27.06.2019.
&& && &&
All the Project Officers are hereby informed that the Government has taken a serious view regarding the poor progress in the supply of uniform to School Children. The government has also observed that by supplying pre-stitched uniforms to the children there is a mismatch in the sizes as the uniforms are not stitched as per individual measurements of the children. Hence it is decided to supply the cloth to the children and release the stitching charge to the
parents/ SMCs.
In this regard, the APCO is informed to supply the existing material at stitching points to mandal points immediately by 06.07.2019. From 08.07.2019 only cloth shall be received from APCO and stitching work may be assigned to schools.
The Project Officers are therefore requested to assess to the requirement of stitching charges SMCs &Mandal wise to be paid to accounts of mother excluding the supply of stitched uniform by APCO and submit to this office by 06.07.2019 without any delay.
This shall be attended to on top priority.
State Project Director.
Proceedings of school uniforms

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