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Mandal Level Accountants Duties and Responsibilities- RC No 11034

The State Project Director, SSA, A.P released R C No. 11034 regarding The Duties and Responsibilities of Mandal Level Accountants. As per this proceedings RC No. 11034, The Duties and Responsibilities of Mandal Level Accountants are as follows.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Mandal Level Accountants are as follows:

  1. To see that all the books of accounts of MRC, CRCs and SMCs in the mandal, are up to-date and properly maintained. Responsible for writing/Maintenance of books of accounts of each sub-district units under his jurisdiction since overall responsibility lies with him so far as the accounts of the sub-direct units in the mandal are concerned. MEOs and HMs are directed to extend their co-operation in the matter.
  2. The MEO concerned should facilitate access to MRC Accounts and allow the Mandal Level Accountants to discuss with the H.Ms in periodical meetings for reviewing the financial status of the MRC, CRCs and SMCs concerned and see that periodical reports on accounts have to be submitted within the time limit prescribed. The MEO should also allow sufficient time for accounts agenda items during the course of
  3. periodical meetings with the H.Ms under his purview and liaison for early processing of accounts matters.
  4. In respect of the Financial Monitoring System, the Mandal Level Accountants are kept under the direct control of the Finance and Accounts Officer of the concerned district. The FAOs are directed to convene monthly meetings and workshops on monthly basis with all the Mandal Level Accountants in their districts.
  5. The Mandal Level Accountants have to appraise the District Project office and Head Office instructions regarding Fund Management, grants utilization, maintenance of books of accounts, keeping of vouchers, bank reconciliation and other instructions issued from time to time to the MEOs and HMs promptly.
  6. The MEO and the HMs in the mandal should allow them to access to the books of accounts of respective sub-district units under the allotted mandal and to prepare reports thereon for submission to the Finance and Accounts Officer (FAO) at district headquarters. They should also authorize the Mandal Level Accountants to obtain updated bank statements etc so as to process the Financial Review Reports etc and submit in time. 
  7. The FAO should see that all the HMs and MEOs comply with the guidelines for maintenance of the books of accounts etc. If the defaulter continuous to be a defaulter, the fact should be brought to the notice of the State Project Officer for suitable action against such defaulters.
  8. The Mandal level Accountants should also furnish a monthly report on SMC/CRCwise pending advance by furnishing Utilization Certificates (duly signed by the concerned Drawing Officer) to the FAO. He should also enlighten the HMs and MEOs concerned to surrender the unspent balances lying with the respective subdistrict units.
  9. At the time of audit by the A.G., Internal Auditors or Statutory Auditors, the Mandal Level Accountants are responsible for liaison.
  10. The Finance and Accounts Officers at district headquarters should admit the claim for remuneration of the Mandal Level Accountants for a month, only if all the reports on accounts including Financial Review Report (FRR) are furnished by the respective Mandal Level Accountants.
  11. The Mandal Level Accountants are responsible to see the preparation of bills, uploading the bills and in respect of Education Department, NREGS bills etc manually or in Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) / other State/ Central Govt web portals.
  12. Uploading of Bank Accounts and Maintenance of Books of Accounts in Public Finance Management System ( PFMS).
  13. Attending of Administrative duties in Mandal Resource Center.
  14. Mandal Level Accountants have also monitor the financial management of KGBVs and monitor accountants of KGBVs.
Mandal Level Accountants Duties and Responsibilities

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