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Gnana Dhaara program detailed guidelines - G.O No 109

A.P Govt. released G O No 109 on 24th May, 2018. As per AP GO No 109, Conducting “Gnana Dhaara” programme in residential Mode during summer vacation from 28th May, 2018 to 9th June, 2018 in respect of students transitioning from Class 5th to Class 6th and from Class 9th to Class 10th  (with D1 and D2 Grades)  studying in Government, Government managed schools and all Residential Schools  and also to conduct remediation year long programme in the form of Gnana Dhaara Learning Enhancement Program(LEP) to students from Classes 2nd to 10th  from 15th July, 2018 to 31st March, 2019 - Orders – Issued.
G.O No 109 Gnana Dhaara program detailed guidelines

Gnana Dhaara program detailed guidelines - G.O No 109

  1. This programme is for the benefit of students and should not be compulsory rather it should be demand based
  2. Take willingness of parents, School Management Committees to send the children to the programme
  3. Students shall be accommodated in the Residential Hostels  
  4. where there are all facilities such as Classrooms, Dormitories, Safe 
  5. drinking water, clean toilets with running water facility, uninterrupted 
  6. electricity, fans are available
  7. Provide necessary medical aid in consultation with Health Dept
  8. Children should not be allowed to go outside during hot summer
  9. The parents shall be informed where their children are accommodated 
  10. Adequate safety arrangements/security shall be provided to the students. 
  11. All precautionary measures to be taken to avoid untoward incidents. In case of any incident occurs, it will be viewed seriously and action will be initiated against the responsible persons as applicable under disciplinary proceedings.
G.O No 109 Gnana Dhaara program detailed guidelines

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