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Forwarding of Pension Proposals of HMs and MEOs - Instructions - Rc.No 134

Forwarding of Pension Proposals of HMs and MEOs - Instructions - Rc.No 134

A.P Govt. released Rc.No134. As per RC No 134,  In view of  the  circumstances stated below and to  avoid  hardship  to  the HMs/ ME Os the Commissioner of School Education is pleased to accord permission to the District  Educational Officers in the State to forward  the Pension proposals and also for  drawing  salaries etc.  in  respect of  Headmasters /  Mandal Educational Officers,  wherein the FAC arrangements are not been made for the post of DyEOs until further orders.

  1. All  the  District   Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are  informed  certain Headmasters and Mandal Educational Officers in  the State are going to retire from service on attaining  the age of superannuation in the year 2018.  Pension proposals in respect of Headmaster's/Mandal Educational Officer's  need to be processed and forwarded to Accountant General Office.
  2.       Further, they are informed that in the Department some vacancies of Deputy Educational Officers arose due to Superannuation, promotions etc. In order to ensure proper supervision over various field  level activities, including school inspections, visits, conduct  of  regular Assessments, SSC   examinations,  Teacher Training,  delivery of Mid-Day Meal,  improve student academic standards,  conduct Science Fairs and other programs etc,  the Department has made FAC arrangements for the post of DyEOs on temporary basis.

    In   this   connection,   they  are  informed  that   Contempt  proceedings vide CC.No.1400 of 2003 & CC.No.244 of 2017 ,were initiated against the FAC orders for the vacant  posts  of Deputy Educational Officers on the ground of disobedience of the  orders of the  Hon'ble  High court  orders dated  18. 9.2003 in W.P.8953/2000. When the matters  have come up for  hearing before  the  Hon'ble  High Court on 12.2.2018,   the   Hon'ble   High  Court  has  taken a serious  view of  the FAC arrangements made  by  the  Government.  Accordingly,   on the direction of the Government,  this office  has issued cancellation  orders on the  FAC  arrangements made for  the  posts of  Deputy  Educational Officers. Government  is examininog alternative  FAC arrangement issue.
Pension Proposals - Instructions

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