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AP GO.No 57 Transfers and Postings of Employees – Guidelines /Instructions-Modification Orders

AP Govt. issued G.O No 57 on dt:08-05-2018. As per AP GO.No 57, the main points are Transfers Employees, Public Services – Human Resources – Transfers and Postings of Employees – Guidelines /Instructions-Modification Orders – Issued.
AP GO.No 57 Transfers and Postings of Employees – Guidelines /Instructions-Modification Orders

Procedure for Transfers as per AP G.O NO 57:

The relaxation on transfers shall be effective from 5th May, 2018 to 4th June, 2018. All the transfers shall be effected by the competent authorities as per the existing orders of delegation subject to the existing Government Orders and conditions prescribed.
The following procedure may be prescribed while undertaking this exercise:

  1. The department must undertake the transfer exercise in a transparent process using IT application.
  2. The authority effecting transfers shall notify the existing vacancies category-wise by 10th May, 2018.
  3. The vacancies and the preferences of employees shall be exhibited at a prominent  place in the premises of the office as well as in Departmental web site.
  4. All the applications on request / mutual transfers shall reach the competent authority on or before 15th May 2018. 
  5. The competent authority shall examine/scrutinize the applications and shall process them on or before 24th May 2018. 
  6. The orders of transfer shall be issued by the competent authority by 30th May 2018. 
  7. All the transferred employees shall join in the new places on or before the AN of 4th June 2018 without fail
  8. The Head of the Department concerned is responsible for the implementation of the transfer orders in the most transparent manner possible without giving any scope for complaints / allegations. 
  9. Any violation of these guidelines will be viewed seriously by the Government.
AP GO.No 57 Transfers and Postings of Employees – Guidelines
The ban on transfers shall come into force with effect from 5th JUNE, 2018.

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