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Instructions on SA-1 OMR Answer sheets Submission

Instructions on SA-1 OMR Answer sheets Submission

The Director of Govt. Exams has issued some instructions to submit SA 1 OMR Answer sheets.
  1. Each school has to pack the OMR Answer sheets paper wise every day.
  2. Each school has to pack the OMR Answer sheets class wise and paper wise duly mentioning the total OMR sheets count, total candidates absent on top of the envelope with U-DISE code.
  3. The details of the absent candidates have to be kept inside the respective bundles.
  4. These OMR bundles of 8th and 9th classes have to be submitted to the MEO.
  5. They have to be handed over to cluster level HM.
  6. The Cluster level HM will pack all the OMR bundles of Cluster into one bundle and handed over to MRC/MEO.
  7. The MEO in turn have to handed over them to the concern on everyday duly mentioning the details of such delivery.
  8. From MEO the bundles will reach the DEOs concerned
  9. From DEO office, the designated agency will collect these packets for scanning.
  10. DEO office has to handover these bundles by verifying the identification of the person from the agency.
  11. The School wise attendance sheets will be put on the CSE website and it has to be downloaded by all the schools. It has to be filled in and submit to the DEO by following the same procedure prescribed for the submission of OMR answer sheets.
  12. The bundles will be collected from the DEO concerned in one lot by the agency for scanning on 23.12.2017

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