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How to find our daily food adulteration

How to find our daily food adulteration

As a part of a mandate to ensure safe food to the citizens, Food Safety and Standards
Authority of India (FSSAI) conducts testing of food for different type of adulterants,
chemical and micro-biological contaminants and other safety parameters for food, Such food testing is done by FSSAI through a network of FSSAI notified laboratories across the country, Hundreds of thousands of tests are conducted in these labs by FSSAI laboratories every year A consumer can also take samples of food and get it tested in such labs If on such testing the food is found to be unsafe, the cost of testing is reimbursed to the consumers, Simultaneously the food safety officers take samples of such products for
enforcement purposes

While the above tests often require sophisticated equipment and highly trained
personnels, there are some common adulterants and contaminants that can be tested by citizens themselves This book is a compilation of such common tests for Detecting Adulterants with Rapid Testing (DART) and covers common adulterants such as artificial and toxic colours, extraneous matters deliberately for otherwise added with food etc...

Download (DART)Detecting Adulterants with Rapid Testing methods

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