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CCRT Trainings to Subject teachers Schedule, Guidelines Rc.No.110

CCRT Trainings to Subject teachers Schedule, Guidelines Rc.No.110

A.P Govt. released R.C No 110. As per this R C No 110 , all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the CCRT, New Delhi has informed that the CCRT will be organizing an Orientation Course for in-service teachers in the months of December -2017 to February -2018 and requested to depute Ten (10) teachers from middle/secondary/senior secondary Govt. /Govt. aided schools of our State, teaching class VIII and above upto 52 years of age, for participation in the Orientation Courses to be organized by CCRT as per following details.

Guidelines to the deputation of Subject teachers to CCRT Trainings.

Teachers should be upto 52 years of age (Birth Certificate to be produces at the time of registration).
Teachers must be teaching in minimum anyone of the following Classes 8th/9th/1Oth/11th/12th of middle/secondary/senior secondary schools should only be deputed.
She/he should be teaching subjects like i) Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics, Civics, Sociology Etc,) : ii) Language (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Modern Indian Language); iii) Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc); iv) Mathematics; v) Fine Arts, Music Ii Art;
Preference should be given to depute female teachers.
The deputed teachers should have minimum two years' experience of teaching. Only one teacher for one school should be deputed in the above mentioned Orientation Course, not more than one teacher from the same school will be allowed to participate.
CCRT Trainings to Subject teachers Schedule and Guidelines Rc.No.110

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