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A.P School Complex meetings guidelines 2017-18

The Directorate of School Education has released proceedings R.C No 368, regarding School Complex meetings in A.P. As per Proc R.C No 368 the guidelines of conducting School Complex meetings are as follows

A.P School Complex meetings guidelines 2017-18

  1. The existing school complexes should be reorganized as on 31st July 2017 and Lead School should be identified. 
  2. The geographical conditions, number of schools and teachers will be kept in view while reorganizing the school complexes.
  3. A Secondary school with proper infrastructure, adequate staff and well accessible to all the primary, upper primary and other high schools in the cluster, shall be identified as the Lead School.
  4. The CRPs shall be allotted equal number of schools in the mandal.
  5. All school complexes must be headed by a Gazetted Headmaster. If the Gazetted HM not available in particular school Complex, then the senior school Assistant may act as the Chairperson of the Complex. 
  6. However the Principal of Model School also be considered for school complex chairman.
  7. It is decided to conduct school complex meetings cum trainings in the academic year from the month of August, 2017 to Feb, 2018.
  8. Guidelines defined in the Manual and instructions issued by School Education Commissionerate, SPO, Director, RMSA from time to time shall be followed in the conduct of School Complex activities and meetings.
  9. The Budget for conducting the school complex meetings, for development of Teaching-learning material, payment of the conveyance to the concerned teachers shall be as per the norms defined in the Manual. The budget shall be released as approved in PAB, 2017-18.
  10. All Govt, ZP, MPP, MPUP, Aided schools, Model Schools, KGBVs, Municipal schools, Residential Welfare Schools under different managements should be included under the school complex. Teachers from all these schools shall attend the School Complex meetings and participate actively in its deliberations and day long schedule of activities.
  11. The School complex Chairpersons shall ensure 100% attendance of the teachers at the complex level meetings. eHazar - Biometric Attendance shall be taken twice in the morning and evening.
  12. The Minutes of the deliberations of the school complex meetings shall be submitted by the School Complex Chairperson to the MEO and DyEOs concerned duly extended to District Educational Officer & Project Officer of SSA.
  13. The School Complex Chairperson shall upload the minutes of the complex meeting and feedback reDort alona with Action Taken Report (ATR) on previous complex meeting minutes through online.
  14. The Complex Chairpersons shall communicate the information about conduct of the next meeting and related information to the respective schools under his jurisdiction through the School Complex Portal, to be created for this purpose by CSE.
for full details about this proceedings R.C No 368, School complex meetings in 2017-18

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