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A.P-PRC G.O.No 46 details and Revised Master scale in A.P PRC 2015

The government of A.P has released GO.NO.46 about PRC-2015.The G.O.No.46 about revision of pay scales in A.P PRC-2015 main points are as follows

The Revised Master scale in new PRC 2015 OF A.P

  1. the  Revised  Master  Scale  shall  have  32  grades,  as  they  are  segments  of  the revised Master Scale
  2. The Government orders that the pay of the employee in the Revised Scales of Pay, 2015 shall be notionally fixed with effect from 01.07.2013. 
  3. However, the monetary benefit of the Revised Scales of Pay 2015  shall be allowed  with effect  from  June 02, 2014. 
  4. The benefit of the Revised Scales of Pay 2015  shall be paid in cash  for  month of  April 2015 onwards. 
  5. Separate  orders  will be issued detailing the modality for  payment of  arrears of salary in Revised Scales of Pay 2015  for the period  from 02.06.2014 to 31.03.2015. 
  6. The Interim Relief  (IR)  paid from  January 01, 2014 to June 01, 2014  shall not be recovered. 
  7. The Interim Relief paid for the period from June 02, 2014 onwards shall be adjusted from the monetary benefit payable on account of implementation  of Revised Scales of Pay  2015.
  8. The Interim Relief shall not be included as Pay for the purpose of fixation in the Revised Scales of Pay, 2015.
  9. It  is  ordered  that  the  employees,  who  are  currently  enjoying  the  benefits  of Automatic Advancement Scheme,  shall have their pay fixed in the corresponding revised scales of Automatic Advancement grades in accordance with these instructions.

Government  orders  that  the  Revised  Scales  of  Pay  2015  will  not  be applicable to the following:

  1. The  teaching  and  other  staff  in  Government  Colleges,  including  Medical Colleges,  Government  Aided  Private  Colleges  who  are  drawing  pay  in  the Andhra Pradesh Revised UGC/ ICAR/ AICTE Pay Scales;
  2. Officers of the Andhra  Pradesh  Higher Judicial Service and  Andhra Pradesh State  Judicial  Service  who  are  governed  by  the  First  National  Judicial  Pay Commission and subsequent pay revisions;
  3. Members of All India Services (AIS); 
  4. Persons  re-employed  before  July  01,  2013,  and  are  continuing  on  reemployment beyond that date;
  5. Separate orders will be issued with regard to application of the Revised Scales of  Pay  2015  to  Officers  and  Staff  of  the  High  Court  of  the  Judicature  at Hyderabad for the State of Telangana and for the State of Andhra Pradesh.
The Fixation of pay of all eligible employees shall be done and the claims for arrears of pay and arrears in Revised Scales of Pay, 2015 shall be processed through the “Human Resources Management  (HRM)”,  Module of the “Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS)”.

Download The master scales of all 32 grades and full details of A.P prc 2015 

 The above details of A.P PRC 2015 were available in G.O.NO 46 and the remaining H.R.A details of A.P PRC 2015 in G.O.No 48, C.C.A details of A.P PRC 2015 in G.O.No 49,D.A details of A.P PRC 2015 in G.O.No 47 will be posted in our next posts.

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