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State Monitoring team visits details

Rc.No.40/SSA /A3/2014-S.P.O,SSA,AP,HYD:Monitoring teams - Visit to 13 districts schools - Reg
  1. By the above proceedings it is informed that as a part of the performance appraisal of schools, school complexes, MRCs, KGBVs, IERCs and DPOs in the districts periodically, it is decided to constitute State Level Monitoring Teams to visit all 13 districts in the State.
  2. In this regard, it is proposed to constitute '4' teams at the State level. Each team comprises '6' (or) '7' members
  •     three (or) four members representing from State - one Sectoral officer from SPO, two (or) three personnel from SPO 
  • The other three members have to be co-opted from the respective districts comprising one from DPO and two from SRGs.
  1. The identified teams will visit the allotted districts in four Spells in March and April, 2015.

The teams have to visit each district for 2-days as mentioned below:

  1.  The '6' (or) '7'-member team have to be divided into three sub-teams. Each sub-team will be paired as one member from State Project office and the second member will be from the District
  2.  In t days each sub team has to cover at least 5 primarv schools, 2 upper primary schools, one KGBV,one IERCs one STC/ Residential centre for deprived children/worksite school/transit hostels, one MRC, One School Complex.
  3. They should cover rural or interior schools in all divisions.
  4. The monitoring team members shall record their observations in the prescribed format.
  5. On the 2rd day afternoon the monitoring team members conducts a meeting with DEO, PO and Sectoral Officers of DPO and MEOs appraise the observations of the Team Members on the functioning of the schools,KGBVs, MRCs, School Complexes, STCs and other centres.
  6. Further Monitoring team members shall also review the activities of the DPO in various sectors

The following interventions are to be covered by the State teams

  1. Coverage of OSC
  2.  Conduct of Review Meetings at District & Mandal Level
  3. Distribution of Uniforms & Text Books
  4. Academic Performance of Schools
  5. Performance of KGBVs
  6. Performance of IERCs
  7. Functioning of Madarsas & Urdu medium Schools
  8. Functioning of SMCs
  9. Training impact in the classroom teaching, learning process
  10. Complex meetings, communication of complex guidelines to HMs
  11. Status of PINDICS & QMT and
  12.  Interaction with local body (Gram Panchayat Sarpanch etc)
  13. Academic activities, Syllabus etc. 

State Monitoring team visits details
State Monitoring team visits details

Observation formats

  1. School observation format---download
  2. School Complex observation format---download
  3. M.R.C observation format---download
  4. K.G.B.V observation format---download
  5. IERC observation format---download
  6. C.M.O visit format--- download
  7. O.S.C wing visit format---download
  8. Madarsa observation sheet--download
The visits of State Monitoring team in vizianagaram will be 24th and 25th of March,2015

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