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Rc.No.13 Conduct of School Complex Meetings

Rc.No.13 Conduct of School Complex Meetings  in February, 2015- and Dissemination of SLAS findings  

 Ref:- Prog. Rc.No.13/SSA/A3/2014 dated 18.02.2015 of this office.
  1. In continuation of the proceedings cited above, all the District Educational Officers, Project Officers of SSA, and DIET principals in the State are directed to plan and conduct the school complex meetings by the end of February, 2015 in all primary and Upper Primary level complexes in both Telugu & Urdu media in the State as per the instructions issued in the reference cited above.
  1. Regarding complex meetings prepare schedule along with instructions and communicate to all MEOs & SCHMs to ensure that meetings organize successfully.
  1. Further all the DEOs, POs of SSA and DIET principals in the State are instructed that, from the second cycle onwards the assessment of teachers (PINDICS) is extended to School Assistants and KGBV teachers and also
  1. It is requested to complete and submit the assessment & consolidation of PINDICS in the prescribed formats (1st & 2nd cycles) by the end of the April 2015 and also furnish the comprehensive report along with target and achievement on complex meetings and action taken on SLAS 2014-15 findings to SPO by the end of first week of march, 2015.
  1. The Project Officers are requested to release the budget including pending to complex HMs in advance to organise meetings at cluster level effectively. 
  2. Regarding the expenditure for SLAS workshop/meeting met from DPO management cost of AWP& B 2014-15.
Rc.No.13 page 1

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