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Cluster Schools latest guidelines

  1. Take mandal as a unit for planning cluster schools
  2. Grade all the schools in mandal basing on availability of transport; availability of space for expansion; current academic standard; and hostel availability in vicinity.
  3. Prepare mandal map with all the schools, transport routes including RTC routes, and hostels; point out the best graded schools.
  4. Identify cluster schools from among the best graded schools such that each one will have a strength of 1000 from 1st to 10th standard.
  5. Identify the catchment area schools which will be merged in the cluster school eventually within a radius of 10 km.
  6. Close those schools within the catchment area whose strength falls below a threshold level due to development of cluster school
  1. Prepare a master plan for the school infrastructure including- class rooms, library, staff room, auditorium, laboratories, IT lab, dining and kitchen, playground, first aid facility, toilets, water and sewer lines, storm water drains, walkways and greenery, compound wall, lighting, electricity, parking space for busses, and internet connectivity, and hostel; the master plan should be modular and executed based on the strength forecast.                                                                                                                                                             a.    Each classroom should be 480 sft for 40 children @ 12 sft per kid. 
    b.    There should be toilets in the ratio of 1:30
    c.    Kitchen should be 600 sft for 750 kids
    d.    Dining should be for 250 kids seated at a time
    e.    Running water facility with taps at kitchen, dining, toilets to exist
    f.    Integrated hostel facility for 200 kids within school compound (or) attach existing nearby hostel in good condition to the cluster school with transport.  Children will not walk between hostel and school.  One warden post will be moved from either welfare dept. to school education dept.  The warden shall be a teacher residing within the premises.
  2. Use SSA/RMSA/CSR/donors/local body/ MPLADS/ alumni funds for executing master plan.
  3. Arrange 30 networked computers with internet connectivity, printer and copier
  4. Arrange white boards with markers
  5. Arrange one LCD projector with screen 
  6. Arrange desks for children
  1. Redeploy all the best subject teachers within the district to the cluster schools @ 1:30 with training reserve as per SCERT norms.
  2. Deploy teachers for music, dance, crafts and sports.
  3. Train teachers on IT based delivery of educational content as well as student assessment using IT tools.
  4. Schools can be both English/Telugu/both medium.
  5. Supply learning kits for students including printed study material.
  6. Prepare transport routes with schedule for ferrying students within the catchment area in consultation with RTC.
  7. Maintain uniforms, shoes, school bags, belt, tie and discipline.
  8. A full time experienced HM shall be posted to look after the school and hostel administration exclusively without teaching duties.
  9. Admit students resident within the catchment area only in the school.
  10. All students shall be part of NCC or Scouts & Guides.
  11. All students shall be involved in extracurricular activities- debates, games & sports, elocution, science fairs, arts, crafts, dance, competitions and so on.
  12. Every student should be compulsorily trained in either vocal or a musical instrument.
  1.  Engage agency for security services and house keeping services
  2.  Electricity charges
  3.  Internet charges
  4.  Infrastructure maintenance (water, plumbing, sewers, civil works, electrical)
  5.  Consumables charges: lab consumables, IT consumables, teaching aids/consumables
  6. Arrange transport: busses with drivers for ferrying students from their homes.

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