R.C.no 746-SSA clarification on smc bank transactions school financial transactions

A.P R.C.No 746/SSA clarification about authorized persons to maintain financial transactions of A.P Govt.schools

           Dear friends our officials formerly some instructions were issued to keep MEO of the concern mandal as in-charge Chairperson of the SMC with School Head Master and School Complex Head Master as joint signatories for release of payments till the new S.M.C's formation as per R.C.No 746.
          Then some doubts are raised by our unions about clarification that where school complex HM & school HM is one and same.
         So our officials gave clarification regarding this as the first assistant & Head master of the complex school shall be kept as joint signatories for release of payments till the formation of new SMCs
Copy of R.C No 746-SSA dated 25-07-2015

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